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New location this year!
As we promised, we stay at Lake Balaton, but we moved to Alsóörs, because here

It's much bigger
With qualityaccomodation in mobile houses
or lot of place for your tent
sufficient amount of shower
huge parking area
and a beautiful beach

So - we did everything to make you feel more fun!


#festival in a different way

Are you looking for something? Your way, yourself, your place in the world? A master, motion, friends? New flavours, music, or just want to step out of the dull, the routine, the comfortable? You will have plenty of chances to do so, as besides of Hungarian and foreign spiritual teachers, lecturers a variety of music and movement programs are waiting for you and your whole family.



Everness Festival is the time of awareness: five days when we can experience ourselves and our surroundings freed from our routines. During the festival we can discover methods that can teach us to handle challenges of the everyday life as an opportunity rather than as a problem, and how to reach elevated states of consciousness, that is different from casual, by ourselves.



Everness Festival is a five-day recharge: a playground for grown-ups where freely, yet again with responsiblibility we can be children again. Dance, yoga and many other exercise programs, also martial arts sessions are waiting for us on the shore everyday from early moring. While relaxing the pleasing fatigue we can have healthy meals and drinks, then in the evenings world music concerts and cozy home parties await us.



Everness Festival is the experience of community: a place where you can get to know various self-improvement methods in a safe and homely environment, should these be individual therapies or trainings for groups. This community not only exists for the five days of the festival, but our experience shows that our guests remain connected even after the event, incorporating the acquired knowledge in their everyday lives, further shaping the world, the home, we want to live in.




Credibility, Diversity, Experience


Everness Festival is primarily focused on awareness, healthy lifestyle, self-transcendence and human relationships. In this spirit, we invited eminent representatives and experts of different fields, to obtain information and knowledge, that serves your personal development, from the most authentic source. In the open and accepting atmosphere of the festival you can get immersed in new topics and methods freely, so after five days you can return home really recharged and full of energy - the point is to have fun and rediscover the real you!



World Music, Motion, Community


Recall your ever best summer festival concert experience - got it? Then get ready, because Everness Festival will thoroughly rearrange your hot list! Our concerts and music programs will be on the podium for a long time for you as well, as we will fly you into brand new dimension of musical experiences. Since relaxation and recharge can't stop even for a moment during the five days, we'll discover all the genres of world of music and chill so you can experience the soothing and healing powers of music and rhythm, but also the ecstasy triggered by the artists or the party and dance.



Better, nicer, cleaner and far more than ever before.


You'll surely find enough space for yourself on our designated camping site. If you do not want to camp, brand new, air conditioned mobile homes for 4-6 persons are at your disposal, with private shower, furnished terrace, some of them even have a direct view over the lake.



Season tickets, daily tickets



Workshop, Massage, Individual therapies, Stalls, Catering